The PennyPan Cabaret is a new feature-length theatrical show that weaves together fantasy and causality over the gritty backdrop of New York City life. Using original musical compositions and a script peppered with Romance languages and spoken-word poetry, The PennyPan Cabaret tells two unique New York Stories:

  • Pennies From Heaven? - The road to perdition might be paved with good intentions, but sometimes the opposite is also true. "Pennies" consists of four scenes from a side-street in NYC's financial district wherein people find coins that drastically affect their lives. But is it magic or malice? We very rarely control the outcomes of our own plots and intentions.
  • Pan on the Skids: a spoken-word operetta in two acts -Where do you go when paradise has become unpalatable? Why, to Brooklyn, of course. Philandering Greek god Pan takes his hooves on a walkabout through the city that never sleeps and finds himself washing dishes in an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village.  

Comically brooding and musically inventive, this show is an aller-retour to a time and place that never really was, but still seems familiar, because life is life is life.


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